About our vineyard & wines

Lofty Valley Estate is set on 32 acres of rather steep country in the Piccadilly Valley wine sub-region of South Australia’s Adelaide Hills.

We have 4 acres of Chardonnay (planted in 2005) and 2.5 acres of Pinot Noir (planted in 2007). Our climate is similar to Burgundy in France, as are the slopes ⁠— if anything, ours are a bit steeper.

The small size of our vineyard means production is limited to about 500 to 800 cases per annum ⁠— small by anyone’s standards. A true boutique winery.

Because we (Brian and Lani) live on the site, we can watch over the vines closely. We believe passionately in small production wines that display a level of quality that can only come with intense personalised attention.