Lofty Valley Artisan Wool and weaving Studio

Piccadilly Valley Boutique Winery and Cellar Door

Our piece of paradise..

..In the beginning it was September  2004. It was a new beginning for Brian who had been looking for land for vines and hopefully fine wine for some time and when this parcel came on the market he just had to have it. Perfect slopes, close to the city and plenty of rain. Well, too much really. South Australia’s wettest spot most years and it even has a waterfall and permanent creek, aptly called Deep Creek.

So in 2004-5 4 acres of Chardonnay went in, a new house was in the planning  and  in 2007, 2 acres of Pinot Noir was planted and in 2008 the house was finished to allow live in vigneron status to be permanent. The plot thickened in 2007 with the arrival of the love of his life, a Canadian, artisan Lani, and all her  fibre, wool and wood creations also added to the mix. The pair were married in 2007….Was the house big enough?!

The idea is to prune the vines to keep the crop below 3 tons per acre, water as little as possible, spray as little as possible, and make the best wine possible. Simple in reality. But the size of the vineyard does mean the production is limited from 500 to 800 cases per annum, small by everyone’s standards. A true boutique winery. With some extra Lani creations…. Loftyvalleyartisan if you are looking for her on Instagram.

So we make, in various styles and combinations


Pinot noir



That’s it, with one exception, we have one parcel of Shiraz we bought in for sparkling shiraz…..2012 so it’s becoming interesting, and some is still on lees…

Where we are

We are in the Piccadilly Valley just 20 minutes from Adelaide CBD.

100 Collins Road, Ashton. Exactly 1km from Greenhill Road, to the north. Turn left at the Summertown Cemetery.

Cellar Door

Our boutique cellar door currently under construction, finally! but we are available for pick up by appointment any day except Tuesday. And we do deliver to Adelaide and the hills around the city.

Special Offers

Lofty Valley Estate 6 packs are available as follows: Pick up 2-4 on select days  from June 2020. Weather will effect our ability to make this possible.. Follow Instagram for regular updates.

So yes, sometime soon! Thursday June 17 is the next option. Also take a peek at artisan Lani Ramsey and her woollen creations ( for sale too!) Loftyvalleyartisan on Insta

SOLITUDE TASTER 6 pack $100 (RRP $160) Limit 1 pack per person until sold out or we can open our doors!

1 bottle 2018 Ascent Chardonnay

1 bottle 2019 Pinot Noir Rose

1 bottle 2015 Steeper Pinot Noir

1 bottle 2018 Steeped Pinot Noir (unlabelled, labelled versions avail for $40)

2 bottles Gratitude 2019 Sparkling (100% Chardonnay)


2 bottles 2019 Gratitude Sparkling

1 bottle 2016 Ascent Chardonnay

1 bottle 2017 Ascent Chardonnay

1 bottle 2018 Ascent Chardonnay

1 bottle 2019 Ascent Chardonnay


1 bottle 2015 Steeped Pinot Noir

1 bottle 2016 Steeped Pinot Noir

1 bottle 2017 Steeped Pinot Noir

1 bottle 2018 Steeped Pinot Noir

1 bottle 2019 Steeped Pinot noir

1 bottle Attitude 2012 Sparkling Shiraz

Lofty Valley Estate

Lofty Valley Estate is set on 32 acres of quite steep country in the Piccadilly Valley of the Adelaide Hills

There are 4 acres of Chardonnay planted in 2005 and 2.5 acres of Pinot Noir planted in 2007.

The climate is similar to Burgundy as are the slopes, however they are if anything, a bit steeper.

Set in a valley there is quite a large daily temperature variation which aids in flavour development for the finished product.

Brian Gilbert manages this project and his wife Lani Ramsey is a fibre artist and works with wool and silk in the main to produce garments of all types for your enjoyment.

Lofty Valley Estate:
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